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Christy Hines

ChristyWelcome Christy Hines to our Morton office! 


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Congratulations to Aubrey and Jared O'Brien, Jim Maloof/Realtor's Star Agents for December!

The O'Brien TeamThe O'Brien Team are rock stars. Both Aubrey and Jared work exceptionally hard while juggling life and a not-quite-2-year-old son. They exemplify what agents should be with their work ethic, commitment, and kindness. They are always willing to lend a hand to anyone in the office and display such a positive attitude.

Contact Aubrey and Jared at 309-219-1124 or 309-256-4374
Email Aubrey and Jared
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A buyer has a home inspected and that inspection reveals lots of problems. The buyer wants, based on the report, so a copy is given to the seller. Can the seller show a subsequent buyer the report, or is it "owned" by the first buyer?

Per Betsy Urbance: "If a buyer gives the seller a copy of the report, I assume the seller can use it for his information. However, my guess is that the inspector has limited the scope and permissible use of the report to the buyer who paid for it, and there will be language in the report to that effect. That is one concern. In addition, it is quite possible that the inspector has a copyright on the report, either at common law or by registration. Thus, if the seller were to copy or in some way distribute this report without the consent of the inspector, he may be violating the inspector's copyright."